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The Happy Camper: That Special Place
Everyone has that spot in the woods they like to call their own. Kevin Callan discusses his own "Special Place."
The Happy Camper: Algonquin Video Series and Outdoor Research Contest
Watch Kevin Callan's Algonquin Park video series—featuring Speedo Man—and enter to win an OR jacket!
The Happy Camper: Skinny Dipping Etiquette
Coleman just released an article on the best places to skinny dip in Canada. But what about skinny dipping etiquette?
The Happy Camper: A Paddling Musical Mystery Tour
Canadian filmmaker, Frank Wolf, is out documenting another elaborate wilderness expedition again. This time he’s teamed up with singer/songwriter Peirson...
The Happy Camper: A Night at the Canadian Canoe Museum
Kevin Callan on his illuminating night at the Canadian Canoe Museum—with video.

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