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The Happy Camper: Best Last-Night Meals
We've looked at "Best First-Night" camp meals. Now, let's delve into meals for an amazing final night out!
The Happy Camper: First Night Recipes
When camping, night-one meals should be elaborate, like a feast before the famine. Here are three of my favourite.
The Happy Camper: Rain Jacket Review
Kevin Callan talks about his all-time favourite rain jacket, perfect for variable spring weather.
The Happy Camper: Paddle in the Park Time (again!)
Just one more outdoorsy contest to announce—it's going to be another fun summer in 2016!
The Happy Camper: Searching for Our Greatest Explorer
Woods—Canada’s outdoor gear manufacturer, since 1885—has just launched their new “Canada’s Greatest Explorer” project for the season, and it’s amazing.

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