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The Happy Camper: Best Backpacking Gear of 2016
Kevin Callan gets a lot of requests to spill the beans on his favourite gear. Well, here it is:
The Happy Camper: Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review
Kevin Callan reviews the new Osprey Atmos 65 AG. He's on a backpacking trip with it, right now. How is...
The Happy Camper: Reviewing Frank Wolf's "Wild Ones"
Kevin Callan takes a look at Frank Wolf's new film, "Wild Ones." What makes this one so different from the...
The Happy Camper: Misadventures as a Wilderness Guide
Kevin Callan talks about his misadventures as a wilderness guide. But one takes the cake.
The Happy Camper: Harvest Moon Time
The autumn full moon is special. And it's special thing to be out-of-doors in all its glory.

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