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The Happy Camper: My 'Stand By Me' Moment
Kevin Callan helped teach a group of kids—and their parents—how to fish. And the results surprised even him!
The Happy Camper: Canoeing with Syrian Refugees
Kevin Callan joined up with Nova Craft Canoe to help teach a group of newly arrived Syrian refugees how to...
The Happy Camper: Do You Oil or Varnish Your Paddle?
Kevin Callan has a new video that may just question everything you know about caring for your canoe paddle.
The Happy Camper: Judging Camp Hacks
Kevin Callan joins the Woods Great Canadian Explorer as a judge. See how it goes—he's judging "camp hacks!"
The Happy Camper: Hands-On Learning at the Maine Canoe Symposium
Discover why the Main Canoe Symposium stands apart from the rest with this Happy Camper video series:

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The Happy Camper

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