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The Happy Camper: Tossing a Canoe Off a Roof
Kevin Callan tests out a new canoe from Nova Craft—is this the toughest canoe ever built? (With video.)
The Happy Camper: Camp Etiquette Guide
Kevin Callan explores the unwritten rules of the outdoors. How many do you break?
The Happy Camper: Hands Across the Water Pledge-a-Thon
Kevin Callan is looking for help with raising money for the Hands Across the Water Pledge-a-Thon.
The Happy Camper: How We Choose to Get Around Out There
Kevin Callan talks about cliques in the outdoor world—and asks, "aren't we all the same?"
The Happy Camper: That Special Place
Everyone has that spot in the woods they like to call their own. Kevin Callan discusses his own "Special Place."

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