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The Happy Camper: Bear Bag Hanging Debate with Cliff Jacobson
Kevin Callan debates food storage in the wilderness—how do you keep your food safe from bears?
The Happy Camper: Frank Wolf’s new film The Hand of Franklin
Kevin Callan reviews Frank Wolf's captivating new film, "The Hand of Franklin."
The Happy Camper: Ultimate Canadian Dream Job
Don’t want to work at another fast food franchise this Summer? Then why not apply for the Ultimate Canadian Dream...
The Happy Camper: Ghostbuster!
Kevin Callan spent the night in the Cobourg Jail—to see if it was truly haunted, and to face his fears.
The Happy Camper: Awkward Moments on Stage
Kevin Callan discusses some of his most awkward moments while speaking on stage (including an excerpt from his book, Dazed...

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