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The Happy Camper: Backpacking Equipment List
Kevin Callan's essential backpacking equipment list—make sure to carry all the essentials, but not enough to get weighed down!
The Happy Camper: Walking is a Good Thing
Kevin Callan advises we walk our troubles away—people have been doing it for thousands of years. (It works.)
The Happy Camper: Review of Roy MacGregor’s Canoe Country: The Making of Canada
Kevin Callan reviews Roy MacGregor’s Canoe Country: The Making of Canada—a study of how the canoe defined a country.
The Happy Camper: Paddle In The Park Has Been Found
Kevin's paddle has been found! Find out more about Paddle in the Park, and how you can wind a brand...
The Happy Camper: White Otter Castle
Kevin Callan visits Jimmy McOuat’s White Otter Castle — one of the most intriguing hermitages of the northern bush.

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