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The Happy Camper: The Hermit of Wabakimi Provincial Park
The strange and fascinating tale of Wendell Beckwith, the hermit of Ontario's Wabakimi Provincial Park.
The Happy Camper: Canoeing Georgian Bay - Full Video Series
Kevin Callan's full Georgian Bay video series is now online—watch all six episodes here!
The Happy Camper: Magical Mystery Tour, Part 1
Kevin Callan sets out on his "Magical Mystery Tour." Where did he go this time? Read on, and watch the...
The Happy Camper: Best Lost Canoe Route
My publisher didn’t like the idea very much. He wondered how many books would sell that dealt with “lost”canoe routes. I...
The Happy Camper: Kevin and Andy’s Magical Mystery Tour
Kevin Callan is setting out on his annual canoe trip with Andy Baxter—and you could win a prize by guessing...

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