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The Happy Camper: Roundup to Catch Up
Kevin Callan—The Happy Camper—blogs for Explore every Monday. Are you caught up? Here are the past 20 blogs from The...
The Happy Camper: Licence to Paddle?
Kevin Callan discusses whether or not paddlers should be required to obtain proof of competency—just like power-boaters.
The Happy Camper: Group Dynamics are the Real Danger in the Woods
Group conflict still overpowers nuisance bears and lightning strikes when it comes to what’s really problematic while out in the...
The Happy Camper: Tips for Going Off-Trail
Kevin Callan—the Happy Camper—offers 10 essential tips for heading off-trail. Plus a video!
The Happy Camper: EOG V3 Pocket Bellow Review
Kevin Callan shows his college students how a simple item of camp gear can sometimes save the day.

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