The Happy Camper: Adventure Filmmaking on the Cheap
Apr 14, 2014
Are you looking to shoot your own adventure film? Kevin Callan dishes on his pick for an expedition camera:
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Time to Help Project Canoe
Apr 7, 2014
Kevin Callan discusses the profound benefits of taking troubled youth into the wilderness — and the upcoming Project Canoe event.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: What’s New in First-Aid?
Mar 31, 2014
Kevin Callan discuses two new products essential for any camper's First-Aid kit — and also the benefits of taking a wilderness first aid course.
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The Happy Camper: Happy Feet (Follow Your Feet to KEEN)
Mar 24, 2014
Kevin Callan talks about some of his favourite footwear. Part of the "Follow Your Feet to KEEN" contest.
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Spring Camping: Enjoying the First Warm Days of the Year
Mar 18, 2014
If the warmer temperatures and lengthening days have you yearning to get out and enjoy the wilderness, check out these camping areas that are usually among the first to be snow-free.
The Happy Camper: More Bush Time Required
Mar 17, 2014
I’m determined not to sound-off with comments about how things were more difficult when I was growing up. Problem is, kids these days do have it easier — and I’m worried they’re going to suffer because of it.
The Happy Camper
10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Better Than Summer
Mar 14, 2014
I’ve learned the advantages of camping out in the cold, and at times I think winter camping can even be better than summer camping. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons:
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The Happy Camper: Gear Review - JetBoil Flash Java
Mar 10, 2014
JetBoil has really stepped up a notch. This lightweight and efficient camp stove has always been a great camp gadget for quick boil-ups. I really like their new Flash Java kit.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Jerry Vandiver is the John Denver of the Canoe World
Mar 3, 2014
Jerry Vandiver paddles in wilderness areas a lot and his experiences come out in full form in this latest album. To me, he 19s like the John Denver of the canoe world.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Classic Camping Films
Feb 24, 2014
While cleaning the attic the other day, I found a huge assortment of VHS tapes of old camping films. I dusted off my ancient videocassette player and started screening a few.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: My Favourite Canoe
Feb 17, 2014
My preference for canoe design has always been the Prospector. So why the specific choice of canoe? It could be Bill Mason 19s influence on me.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: New Gadgets To Help Keep You Found
Feb 10, 2014
To help keep you safe out there, two of Canada 19s top communication companies 14 Iridium and Globalstar 14 have released new products.
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The Happy Camper: Roundup - Best Articles
Feb 6, 2014
Read on for a selection of some of the most popular "The Happy Camper" blogs from the past 12 months. Did you miss any?
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The Happy Camper: Polar Vortex Be Damned - I Love Winter
Feb 3, 2014
Is there anyone else that is getting completely annoyed with the media's attempt to terrify us about this season’s cold winter? Polar Vortex Be Damned — I Love Winter!
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Care for Your Camp Axe
Jan 27, 2014
Kevin Callan details the most effective ways to care for your camp axe — various rust removal techniques are tried and tested to uncover the best.
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The Happy Camper: Kitturiaq Film Review
Jan 20, 2014
Kevin Callan reviews the latest documentary by Frank Wolf — Kitturiaq — which details an epic canoe journey from Nain, Labrador to Kangiqsualujjuag, QC.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Hot Tenting - Tent and Stove Review
Jan 14, 2014
Kevin Callan braves the cold Ontario winter to test out some vital snow-season camping gear - a wall-tent and a portable wood stove.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Dutch Oven Camp Cooking
Jan 6, 2014
One of the best ways to cook a delicious meal while out camping is to use the traditional Dutch oven. Here are some great tips:
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Best Canoe Albums
Dec 30, 2013
Kevin Callan lists his favourite albums and songs for canoe tripping — featuring artists who capture the essence of the outdoors.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: Moose Radio
Dec 23, 2013
Kevin Callan talks about his adventures on the radio — and how a logging truck driver saved him from a moose, and saved him on-air.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: High Tech in the Woods?
Dec 16, 2013
Kevin Callan debates the ethics and realities of taking high-tech gear into the wilderness — and explores a fascinating new device that could revolutionize on-the-go power.
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper: 10 Best Christmas Camp Gifts
Dec 9, 2013
My camp buddies came over the other night — I turned 50 — and amongst us we came up with this list of best possible camp gifts for Christmas:
The Happy Camper
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