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Go North: 3 Great Parks in Nunavut
Aug 21, 2014
Visit one of Nunavut’s spectacular parks for an experience of a lifetime - here are three must-see picks:
4 Incredible Canadian Backcountry Adventures
Aug 19, 2014
Are you looking for some real adventure? Plan one of these amazing trips into Canada's backcountry:
7 Temagami Wilderness Canoe Routes
Aug 12, 2014
Some of Canada's best canoe routes lie within Ontario's expansive Temagami Wilderness. Here are seven not to miss:
3 Backcountry Adventures in Eastern Canada
Aug 8, 2014
Grab your hiking boots or load up your canoes — explore three amazing backcountry adventures in Canada's Maritimes.
3 Western Canadian Backcountry Adventures
Aug 6, 2014
Are you looking for a great, Western Canadian backcountry adventure? Check out one of these three picks in Manitoba, BC and Alberta:
3 Backcountry Adventures in Canada's North
Aug 1, 2014
Are you looking for true adventure? Head north — to some of the planet's most incredible wild places, in Nunavut, Nunavik and Northwest Territories.
Backcountry Adventures: Temagami Wilderness
Jul 25, 2014
Explore Northeastern Ontario’s Temagami Wilderness — the provinces most compelling and exciting backcountry.
Go Here: Sea Kayaking on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore
Jul 24, 2014
Explore the gorgeous, pristine marine environments of Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore with Coastal Adventures sea kayaking.
Backcountry Adventures: Ivvavik National Park
Jul 18, 2014
Experience one of the north's most amazing adventures: Sheep Creek Base Camp Adventure at Ivvavik National Park, Yukon.
Backcountry Adventures: Valley of 1,000 Devils
Jul 17, 2014
Visit Saskatchewan's Grasslands National Park and explore the Valley of 1,000 Devils - full of paleontological and geological riches.
Go Here: White Water Rafting on the Chilliwack River
Jun 18, 2014
Jared pushed his Oar against the rock wall of the river as we were about to collide.  His Oar flexed, but wasn’t able to take the force.  It exploded under pressure and what remained lodged itself under his seat. Our...
Special Report: Whose Land is it, Anyway?
Jun 13, 2014
Canada's Outdoors: Examining the uneasy peace between land-tenure holders and backcountry users.
Summer Roundup: Trip, Drink & Book
Jun 12, 2014
Looking for some inspiration this summer? Here is a great adventure travel destination, a classic summer cocktail and a perfect warm-weather read:
Go Here: Magdalen Islands
Jun 11, 2014
In Quebec's Magdalen Islands, eroded shorelines offer exciting sea cave explorations — claustrophobia be damned.
5 Lesser-Known Rocky Mountain Hikes
Jun 10, 2014
In pursuit of hiking happiness, these lesser-known scenic Rocky Mountain hikes hit the sweet spot.
Go Here: Tuktut Nogait National Park
Jun 4, 2014
Travel to Northwest Territories' Tuktut Nogait National Park; experience true wilderness in the remote Arctic on an exciting guided trip.
Seasonal Activities in Ontario's Parks
Jun 3, 2014
Planning a trip to an Ontario Park? Here are four favourite visitor activities to celebrate the season:
Go Here: Springtime in the Great Bear Rainforest
May 23, 2014
Andrew Findlay heads to British Columbia's remote Great Bear Rainforest and discovers how a landscape can be transformative.
Go Here: Nunavut's Top Adventures & Experiences
May 20, 2014
This summer, experience the True North, Strong and Free — head north to Nunavut for an outdoor adventure like no other.
Go Here: NWT Roadtrip
May 16, 2014
The Northwest Territories awaits the adventurous — discover expansive wilderness parks, spectacular scenery and surprising accessibility. Explore three regions, all accessible by vehicle and custom-tailored for outdoor enthusiasts:
Get Wet: 6 Springtime Watersports
May 9, 2014
From canyoning to kite-surfing, discover 12 of Canada’s best springtime water-sports, coast-to-coast.
Waterton Lakes National Park: 3 Amazing Hikes
May 8, 2014
Following road closures and flood damage in 2013, Waterton Lakes National Park is begging to be explored this summer. Here are three great hikes we're welcoming back in 2014:
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