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The Way of the Wolf: A Line on a Map (Welcome to my New Blog!)
Welcome to Frank Wolf's blog at Join us bi-weekly to be inspired by one of Canada's most renowned adventurers!
13 Canadian Outdoor Meccas by Explore Magazine Editor and Wilderness Junkie David Webb
Last week was an exciting one for the Explore Live the Adventure Club gearbox subscriber community. Why?
7 Places to Dogsled in Canada This Winter (You Can Do It!)
Dogsledding—it's a quintessential Canadian experience. But where can you pilot your own sled, with no experience needed? Read on to...
Recreational Tree Climbing: Your New Hobby (YES! It is a Thing)
Just because you're 'all grown up' doesn't mean you have to outgrow climbing trees!
Don't Hang Up Your Runners Just Because It's Winter - Run These 7 Coastal Trails
Winter conditions make a whole new sport of trail running.

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