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The Happy Camper: Sleeping Pads — Best Inventions, Ever!
Jul 28, 2014
Kevin Callan discusses his love for the modern sleeping pad — as well as some recommendations for new sleep mats to buy.
The Happy Camper
Backcountry Adventures: Temagami Wilderness
Jul 25, 2014
Explore Northeastern Ontario’s Temagami Wilderness — the provinces most compelling and exciting backcountry.
Go Here: Sea Kayaking on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore
Jul 24, 2014
Explore the gorgeous, pristine marine environments of Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore with Coastal Adventures sea kayaking.
Gear Guide: New Camping Equipment
Jul 23, 2014
Are you planning a few summer camping trips? You'll need to get equipped — here are five awesome new offerings.
Gear Guide: SUP & Surf
Jul 22, 2014
Are you looking for the best stand-up paddleboard and surf accessories this summer? Look no further - we have six top picks.
The Happy Camper: Dinnea Be Stupid
Jul 21, 2014
More than double the amount of people died or were injured out in the wilderness this season, compared to last year. Why is that?
The Happy Camper
Backcountry Adventures: Ivvavik National Park
Jul 18, 2014
Experience one of the north's most amazing adventures: Sheep Creek Base Camp Adventure at Ivvavik National Park, Yukon.
Backcountry Adventures: Valley of 1,000 Devils
Jul 17, 2014
Visit Saskatchewan's Grasslands National Park and explore the Valley of 1,000 Devils - full of paleontological and geological riches.
Gear Guide: Summer Roundup
Jul 16, 2014
Get equipped right for mountain adventures — a new shell from Columbia, new boots from The North Face and a Sea to Summit pack.
10 Best Campsites in Ontario & Quebec
Jul 15, 2014
Are you looking for a place to pitch a tent in Ontario or Quebec this summer? Check out one of these 10 awesome campsites:
The Happy Camper: Hammock Camping - It's Like Your First Kiss
Jul 14, 2014
There’s a sense of freedom sleeping in a hammock, being more exposed to the elements then you would be in a regular dome-tent. You go to sleep while the darkness closes in and the stars begin to twinkle. Then you...
The Happy Camper
Travel: Footprints in the Dust of Mustang
Jul 11, 2014
Trek into Upper Mustang, Nepal, through a remote moon-like landscape and settlements that have changed little since the Middle Ages.


Win an Epic Weekend Adventure in Canmore Kananaskis!
Contest closes Jul 31, 2014
Tourism Canmore Kananaskis has created an awesome getaway for two. See everything this authentic mountain town has to offer from adrenaline pumping outdoor activity to laid-back enjoyment in the vibrant...
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