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Go Here: Heli-Skiing in Golden, BC
Jan 27, 2015
Deep in the Selkirk Mountains, near Golden, BC, an eco-skier discovers that “heli” is not a four-letter-word.
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The Happy Camper: Classic Camp Gear (or Retro Fad?)
Jan 26, 2015
Kevin Callan talks about classic camp gear — what does it mean to be a "classic," exactly?
The Happy Camper
Travel: Climbing Borneo's Mount Kinabalu
Jan 23, 2015
Come along on one of the world's most amazing hikes — Mount Kinabalu, in Malaysian Borneo.
Gear Guide: Spring Training
Jan 22, 2015
With spring races and charity-runs on the horizon, it’s time to put fitness forward. Here are three choice items to help with your spring training:
Family Day & Valentine's Day Getaways at Ontario Parks
Jan 21, 2015
February is a popular month to visit Ontario Parks. Six provincial parks plan Family Day events and affordable Valentine getaways in roofed accommodation at many parks are a big draw.
The Dog Days of Winter
Jan 20, 2015
I love long-distance hiking, and K2, my Kuvasz, loves it even more. I have discovered that with K2 along, I am not hiking for the sake of hiking. He has made me reconnect with nature.
The Happy Camper: A Canoe Trip Around Killarney, Family Style (Part 5)
Jan 19, 2015
Kevin Callan, on the final leg of last summer's family canoe trip around Ontario's Killarney Provincial Park.
The Happy Camper
Raven Dances & Barnacle Stigmata on the Fundy Footpath
Jan 16, 2015
Reflections from a September 2014 challenging solo-backpacking adventure along New Brunswick's Fundy Footpath.
Profile: Melanie Bernier
Jan 15, 2015
Melanie Bernier: One of Canada’s fastest skiers is making tracks in Europe — up and down.
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Jan 14, 2015
Will Gadd travelled to Mount Kilimanjaro — and was shocked by what he found.
The Benefits of Risk
Jan 13, 2015
Andrew Findlay asks — is exposure to risk beneficial to our personal development?
The Happy Camper: A Canoe Trip Around Killarney, Family Style (Part 4)
Jan 12, 2015
Kevin Callan discusses humanity while on a family canoe trip in Ontario's Killarney Provincial Park.
The Happy Camper


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