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3 Awesome Adventure Vacations
Nov 20, 2014
Looking for an amazing getaway? An adventurous trip? Check out these three options:
Feat Speaker Series Aimee Dunn
Nov 21, 2014
1. Just go! Things will never be ideal; the house clean, kids perfectly content for example, but if the kids are cared for and house is liveable then make a clean break and get outside for some fun. 2. 10 minute...
3 Canadian Adventures
Nov 19, 2014
Here are three amazing adventure trips in Canada — check them out now, or next year!
5 Essential Outdoors Skills
Nov 18, 2014
Be better outdoors — here are five essential skills you need to know:
17 Adrenaline Packed Activities Worth Risking Your Life Over
Nov 17, 2014
Many think that Mount Everest is the deadliest peak to scale, but they are wrong. The title of deadliest mountain to climb belongs to Mont Blanc that straddles the border of France and Italy. At 4,877 meters, it's not quite...
The Happy Camper: Algonquin Backpacking Odyssey (Part 3)
Nov 17, 2014
Kevin Callan's Algonquin adventure, part three — the students learn to love the wilderness.
The Happy Camper
MEC Snowfest 2014
Nov 16, 2014
Come join us on Saturday, November 22nd, to get in on tons of great deals at our legendary Snow Swap, partake in our informative clinics and win some sweet prize giveaways. MEC Vancouver is so excited to showcase the best...
The Best Gear of the Year (Part 1)
Nov 14, 2014
Our roundup of the best outdoors gear of the year – just in time for holiday shopping.
3 Adventure Travel Destinations
Nov 13, 2014
Are you planning an adventurous vacation? Try one of these three amazing trips:
Amazing Adventure Travel Destinations
Nov 12, 2014
Planing your next getaway? Here is some inspiration — eight amazing adventure destinations.
The Buried Life's Top 6 Epic Travel Bucket List Items
Nov 10, 2014
People always ask us how we’ve been able to accomplish the things we have. In one sense, it’s really simple: We made a list and dedicated ourselves to it. We never listened to naysayers, and never stopped believing we could...
The Happy Camper: Top Backpacking Gear Choices
Nov 10, 2014
Kevin Callan tests out some of his favourite camp gear — here is what held up under rigorous conditions:
The Happy Camper


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