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Download Canada's 35 Greatest Hikes (free ebook) How many of these hikes have you knocked off your knocked off your bucket list?
3 Breathtaking Ice Walks in Alberta's Rockies
Who wants to wander up an icy river canyon? We do!
The Way of the Wolf: A Line on a Map (Welcome to my New Blog!)
Welcome to Frank Wolf's blog at Join us bi-weekly to be inspired by one of Canada's most renowned adventurers!
The Happy Camper: Dianne Whelan's 500 Days in the Wild
Kevin Callan sits down with Diane Whelan to chat about her remarkable, 500-day journey along the Trans Canada Trail.


Arc'teryx Gives Back
Arc'teryx's Bird’s Nest cape makes winter easier for our most vulnerable citizens.
Avalanche Forecasting Season Begins in Canada
Avalanche Canada rolls out new features, including Hot Zone Reports.
British Columbia is Getting 1,900 New Campsites (For the Win!)
And other improvements outlined in the BC Parks Future Strategy
Nunavut Now Officially Connected to the Great Trail
Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is thrilled to announce the official inclusion of...
Third Annual Paddle & Surf Championships Return to Tofino, BC
Family and friendly competition dominate at SUP and Surf Championships in Tofino,

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